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Val Smyth & Richard Stevenson talk about the beginnings in 1982. Richard also covers a variety of potential forces that creep in the mind to take an individual out of the game... Val calls this the medicine call.

Val Smyth & Rex Harris talk about the incredible power of building relationships and where to initiate new connections online using an 5 step process, so you can start recruiting your first week!

Val Smyth & Ryan Gunness talk about Ryan's journey that lead to free enterprise and eventually his development of a lead system that allows Ryan to stay at home and receive inbound calls all day... Great recruiting technique!

Val Smyth & Josh Peak talk about the functionalities needed in order to succeed in the MLM/Home Based industry. Josh talks about the his introduction to the world of Wealth Creation and gives some incredible outlining advice for those who truthfully seek the Ultimate end result.

Val Smyth & James Holmes talk about James fabulous unique career in many different sports and professions... James talks about how these interesting journeys shaped and influenced his success as an business practitioner/mentor...James gives a multi dimensional approach to reaching the summit.

Val Smyth & Darren Little discuss the reality of people finding $uccess in the business world ... From lifestyle to laying out the treasure map, to how to harvest the gold. Darren talks about behaviour and physical applications while unlocking the mindset needed to capture the Dream!

Val Smyth & Evan Klassen share Evan's journey of landed immigrant to millionaire status in a few short years...

Val Smyth & Jamie Pelaez talk about the trials and tribulations within Jamie's personal journey to where she is today... The emphasis of the story is based on the battle within each of us to make the right decisions and how to learn to trust the other part operating inside of YOU! Jamie shared a fabulous exercise on how to tap into your inner core when faced with decision making and how to feel comfortable knowing you made the right choice long term.

Val Smyth & Geoff Stephen open the doors on the truths and myths about automated systems. What works, how it works and why it will work. Geoff puts a solid emphasis on becoming a great recommender and drop the mindset of being a stereo typical sales person.. Wow well done Geoff.. Val & Geoff also share their thoughts on taking your online business relationships to the next level -- Fun Times with those you get to meet in person --- business is an investment, not a hobby! The Ego must be left at the door...Amen Geoff! And lastly, hear Val close Geoff on a proposition totally unplugged... Great Jam!

Val Smyth & Terry Duff get down and dirty about the value of doing it right, while getting specific with your systems and method of exposure.. So much time and money is wasted on not getting it down to specifics which can lead to burn out, frustration and eventually throwing in the towel.. Val & Terry also cover ethics and hyped out false advertising by narcissistic personalities looking strictly for personal gain... There is more than meets the eye!

Val Smyth & Jeff Mills take you on an unground journey, sharing 'Secret Sauce' Tools of the trade that allows Jeff to run not thousands, but 100's of thousand of people through his funnel systems making him over several thousands of dollars per day while focusing on the online lifestyle he chooses to maintain... Jeff took this interview where no man or woman has ever gone before.... It got to the point where Jeff had to add a few disclaimers for real it was so revealing... I never thought Jeff would expose such content for public consumption.. One word to describe it... Priceless!

Val Smyth & Allan Hordal talk about the chapters in Allan's 36 year career in Network Marketing. From the early days of pursuing a sports career, to being the front pitch man for many direct sales products. Allan shares a tragic notification that took place while speaking in front of 15,000 people for the first time and how he held it together to complete the task at hand. And if that was not enough... Allan also suffered a serious snow mobile accident where he was pronounced dead on arrival and yet today he is alive and well, consider one of the most knowledgeable and skilled recruiters in the game today... That's why they call Allan the Pitbull --- You Just can't shake him down!

Val Smyth & Greg Gomez blow the doors open on guerilla marketing and how to decimate any fear of talking to people within hours... Greg shines the light on the fastest and most productive way to get beginners and novices up on the score board their very first day in any home based business, something that is paramount to keep peoples attention and focus on the game...Personally I loved Greg's honest, straight up approach to doing business and telling it like is, surrounding himself with a mastermind team of elite practitioners in many specialty areas of execution -- all I can say after that is freaking WOW... Their blue print is totally KICK ASS! WOW! And one more time freaking WOW! What a privilege for me being the interviewer on these calls... People should be totally all over this stuff! WOW!hey call Allan the Pitbull --- You Just can't shake him down!

Val Smyth & Joe Farina slam dunk the importance of pin pointing when building your personal empire.. Joe nailed it with 2 major key words Permission & Violation.... Joe is a freaking master of communication and getting people to expose so much of themselves ...I wonder if his time being a law enforcement officer had anything to with his perfecting this skill. LOL Discover what Joe uses for the most power lead capture page and more importantly --- discover how he uses it! This guy is a psychological master of playing intellectual chess and has a passion for it! Ladies if he was single he could close YOU!

Val Smyth & Janet Legere team up in the Octagon and go toe to toe dispelling many of the myths associated with online... marketing.. Janet demonstrates her wealth of knowledge and masterful communication skills, while taking the listener thru a step by step check list before jet setting their business off the ground. Two major components I was really grateful for in this game changing discussion. We talked about leadership and what to look for before joining forces ( Qualifying Leadership ). We passionately talked about the Universal Laws when it comes to conducting business, respecting your business and understanding the mindset needed in association with your business to capture the desired end result.. This interview was straight up -- no B.S. --- Tell it like it is! Janet, that session was greatly appreciated.. I have to tip my hat to this one fine lady and extremely gifted strategist... Brilliant!

Val Smyth & Dr. Stan Harris (Hall of Fame, 10th degree Black Belt, Retired Heavy Weight Champion) totally rip the roof off the Octagon.  No words can describe what went down behind closed doors today.  Totally Unbelievable! The stage is NOW set for Round 2 -- I can't wait for the conclusion! This will be a complete and total KNOCK OUT!

Val Smyth & Patrick Snow (International Best Selling Author/Publisher, International Key Note Speaker) totally blow out the Octagon.

Patrick totally spills the beans on what he believes to be the HOLY GRAIL to the most powerful personal... leveraging tool in existence today... This one incredible idea alone has generated millions of dollars in personal income, thousands of KEY NOTE speaking invitations, and has opened doors to connections and personal relationships otherwise thought of as impossible to access.

Patrick is a master of opening doors and sealing the deal.. This is a must listen for anyone who thinks they are a leader and to those who aspire to be leader...

Thank YOU Patrick for spilling the beans brother --- you just may have caused a feeding frenzy with that one sensational idea. Priceless!

Val Smyth & Michelle Grigsby Rock Out The Octagon!

From paper route, to selling frozen pizza's, to selling insurance, to sponsoring 20 people in record time in her first experience with Network Marketing --- Michelle knew this was her calling! Listen in as Michelle takes YOU on her ultimate, passionate rise from the corporate world to the master of curiosity in Social Marketing! Ladies and Gentlemen --- A rising " Star" is born! Curious? Listen in!

Val Smyth & Angel Lee have a fabulous sit down in "The Legends Lounge" and discuss Angel's climb from the new kid on the block to Mega Star on a international platform.. Not only does Angel discuss his rise and valuable lesson learned along the journey; he sheds significant light on the culture differences from his personal experience of travelling the world, personally opening up 21 countries and amassing over 2 billion dollars in team volume throughout his 20 plus years as a major sought after force in the industry... Angel, thanks for keeping it real and just being YOU! Fabulous investment of time!

Val Smyth & James Starr get down and dirty in the Octagon! If you don't know of James Starr now I promise YOU will know of him soon. This man is the secret weapon behind some many of the biggest money earners riding the wave on the internet today... From testing the waters, to taking a year off to re-evaluate. What James has pulled off in the last 16 months coming out of no where is truly beyond genius... This brother is a traffic Jedi Master!

Congrats James --- YOU and your family deserve it!

Val Smyth & Steph Perez go toe to toe in the Octagon and YOU all come out the winner!

Steph Perez is the real deal; this wonderful young lady knows her stuff and then some.. I loved how she related her military background, to the Art and Science of building a business and the principles she teaches and practices to over come the odds of just settling for status quo in marketing.

Steph is self driven -- something you just can't teach... Her ability to communicate and posture is a major attraction, which obviously stimulates her cash flow. As a master of Video and attraction marketing --- this is one lady that is here to stay! Guys --- find a few female leaders like Steph Perez and it's game over --- You come out the winner.. Steph's interview was as straight up as straight up can be!

Thank YOU Steph Perez -- YOU were AMAZING!

Val Smyth & Larry Winget totally light up the Octagon! Please be Warned -- Listen at your own discretion -- Larry takes his views off the charts -- I honestly I think this man totally Rocks! JMO! The way he thinks the way he speaks is a paradigm shift for the politically correct. Talk about challenging the industry of status quo -- Larry has no time for status quo or those that chose to feed it's poor me attitudes. His views and personal confessions about the motivational training industry will totally blow your mind -- As Larry says -- "To be a leader In this industry you are either rabidly loved or rabidly despised, "Do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, the way you said you would do it!

Larry Winget, is a celebrity and television personality who has hosted his own television series on A&E, has been featured in two CNBC specials, had his own PBS special and is a regular contributor on FOX News, FOX Business and other news networks as a personal development/business/financial guru.

Larry is a six-time Wall Street Journal/New York Times bestselling author, twenty-year veteran speaker who has spoken to 400 of the Fortune 500 companies and is in the Speaker Hall of Fame. Dare to take a stand in what you believe in? Larry will show you how! This guy is a natural born "Grizzly" --- never mind a "Pitbull"! My heart was thumping with excitement! This man is totally disruptive and controversial and that's the way he likes it!

Thank YOU Larry & Mary for making this unforgettable experience come to LIFE!

Val Smyth & Trent Wideman give you $80,000.00 plus reasons to tune into this Octagon session. Straight up --- Not only is Trent Wideman a walking, living, breathing, freaking "Rock Star" --- this online "Superstar" is one Amazing human being!

I loved his story about being on stage and touring 46 + states before kindergarten, he talked about how his daughter and how at such a young age, she has capitalized on free enterprise --- " Daddy pays big bucks for A's" in school. LOL... Sounds like she has an awesome Mentor Trent shares his family life and how his role as a professional stand up comic shaped him for "Superstar" status! You would never know...

And last but not least --- Trent blows the lid off many of his video marketing techniques, that allow him to dominate and control many of his monetary projects.

I love fact he did not generalize as others may have --- he broke it down to formulas, exposing the path for others to capitalize and take it to the next level... Trent too has agreed to do a VIP live training Event for all TLN Subscribers at no cost... In a nut shell this fine young man -- is truly one force in this industry to be respected and someone you definitely want to know....

Trent You Totally Rocked it out Man --- TLNers are going to LOVE YOU!

Val Smyth & Dave Dubbs expose the truth behind one of the most prolific business builders online in recent years Dave Dubbs ! From the trials and tribulations to the myths and misconceptions about Dave Dubbs --- This interview will take you... from Dave's roots, to his mammoth obsession with becoming an elite over achiever in the game of life and number one performer in business...

Discover Dave's simple blue print of 1-2-3 to dominate and control the compensation plan in the form of income...His Discovery Channel analogy of the person sifting enough sand looking for the gold was brilliant. Dave's 333 plan to create $10k a month in profit is something everyone can do without question and is a must hear for those who have never consistently attained that result.

Dave showed a humble side to himself -- that most people may not be familiar with due to elite Rock Star status in this industry.. And better Yet --- Dave Agreed to make himself available for generic workshops in The Legends Lounge to help all take their businesses to the next level... Gotta love it!

Dave Totally Rocked It Out BIG TIME! Can't Thank Him Enough!!!

But Thanks Dave!

Val Smyth & Gerry Schroeder : Two Canadians team up in the Octagon to expose the methodologies and practical applications behind top 3 money earners in any company.. Gerry has this habitual behavior for triggering the blue print that allows... him to climb the ranks at light speed.

Discover --- systematically how Gerry takes his business from the basement to the penthouse in a 7 step process --- from the psychological components to the physical application. And then --- we open up Gerry's treasure box Nuff said -- get in the back office and you decide --- will that be the Red pill or the Blue pill --- Let the games begin!

Gerry's clarity - coaching and communications skills totally offer massive clues!

Fabulous Session Gerry --- Loved It --- Keep It Simple!

Look forward to seeing this brother perform in the webinar room! Holding you to it man!

Val Smyth & Aaron Andrews spill the beans on how Aaron had the fortunate experience of walking up on stage and receiving an $80,000.00 + cheque in Vegas 4 weeks ago --- he is now over 100k !

How does a culinary chef go from the kitchen to "...Master Internet Chef" in no time at all --- the funny thing is Aaron says he has not even gotten started yet -- How bold is that . His best has yet to come!
Discover how Aaron uses simple protocols and how he uses his personal and family life to build it BIG!

Love this guy! Knows how to monetize it -- keeping it real!!!

Val Smyth & Randy Schroeder bring out the best of the best in the Octagon... Randy spills the beans on his rise from the ashes as A Wolf Of Wall Street - to his personal battle through drugs and alcohol --- to one of the most dynamic powerful -- totally committed marketers in the industry today... His personal trials and tribulations set the stage for self mastery and then some --- Imagine consistently making well over 7 figures for the last 21 years, building dynamic empires in multiple countries  around the world... This man is totally self driven and when you hear him speak and witness his story --- You will be dealing face to face with the Ultimate Reality Check! There were so many unbelievable dynamics to this interview. I challenge you to step up to the plate and listen to it... Priceless stuff my friends... Words will not suffice what Randy brought to the table today... This man has a lot of wisdom to share and I don't say that lightly!

Beautiful Stuff Randy --- Loved Our time Together Brother!


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